Spa & Fitness

Last update: 10th February 2020
  1. Edit page

    1. On the left panel menu, click on “Pages”
    2. Select the Spa/Fitness page that you want to edit
    3. Make the modification you need (you can edit the title, the spa information, the attachment file, and the image/illustration)
    4. Add a specific offer already available in CMS
    5. When you have finished your modifications, click on the “Publish” button to save
  2. Create a Spa page (if the page does not exist)

    1. Click on the “Add new” button (a pop-in will open)
    2. Type the page title
    3. Select the “Spa/thalasso main page” template
    4. Click on the “Create new page” button
    5. Type your presentation text in the main part
    6. Add the catch phrase in the “Catch phrase” section
    7. Add the pictures in the “Illustration” section
    8. Add the chef presentation in the “The Chef” section
    9. Add the press review in the “Press” section
    10. Add your image/illustration in the “Featured Images” section
    11. Add the attachment files in the “Attachments” section
    12. Select the type in the “Type of restaurant or bar” section
    13. Add a specific offer already available in CMS
    14. Click on the “ Publish” button