All – New Loyalty Program

Last update: 10th February 2020
  1. Accor Live Limitless

    The new Accor loyalty program will be released on December 3rd on all Accor digital assets.

    Because your website is one of those assets, below we’ve listed the changes D-EDGE will apply for you and the modifications you must do to comply with the new branding.


    If you want to know more about the program, click here


    Download the Presentation:
    English version
    French version

  2. Centralized Changes made by D-EDGE

    The D-EDGE team will apply several changes on your hotel website to comply with the new ALL Accor Live Limitless brand identity and website.

    The modifications will not affect content owned by the hoteliers like text and images. D-EDGE will only change the content that can’t be changed by hoteliers in the Content Management System – WordPress (CMS).


    The D-EDGE developer team will replace the following URL to insure clean redirections to the ALL booking funnel:

    Current URL : etc.

    New URL: etc.


    Wording: “Le Club AccorHotels” will be replaced by “ALL – Accor Live Limitless”

    “AccorHotels” will be changed to “Accor”

    “Le Club AccorHotels”  will be changed to “ALL, Accor’s lifestyle loyalty program” or “ALL, le programme de fidélité Accor”

    “AccorHotels Meeting Planner”  will be changed to “ALL Meeting Planner”


    The following URLs will replace the current URLs in your website’s footer:


    CAREER: changed to:

    ACCOR GROUP:[language]

    ALL websites links:


    “AccorHotels” APP by “Accor All” APP (“A” in uppercase and “ll” in lowercase)

    On December 5th, if you see any modifications that are missing or in error, please contact:

    South and East Europe, Middle East and Africa East Europe

    North Europe


  3. Changes to apply from Hoteliers

    With the release of the All Loyalty Program, we need your support to apply some changes to the contents of your website.


    AccorHotels to be changed to “Accor”

    Le Club AccorHotels to be changed to “ALL, Accor’s lifestyle loyalty program” or “ALL, le programme de fidélité Accor”

    AccorHotels Meeting Planner to be changed to “ALL Meeting Planner”


    Check in the text fields of your CMS and change all relevant logos to the new ALL logo. (The D-EDGE team can’t automatically change logos inside text fields.)

    See this post to check which content will be changed remotely by D-EDGE.


    Please check the list below:

    Under Special Offers/Offers, some hoteliers push offers with Accor’s loyalty program content and/or visuals; check your offers to make sure they comply with the new brand.


    Please find below a short introduction to encourage clients to join the new Accor lifestyle loyalty program; you can insert this text in your monthly newsletter. This template is available in English and French. 

    ALL in GB: “ALL – Accor Live Limitless is built around you, rewarding you for the way you live, work and play. Earn and use points and enjoy privileges as a member of ALL.”

    ALL in FR: “ALL – Accor Live Limitless rien que pour vous. Séjournez, travaillez, vibrez et soyez récompensé. Gagnez, utilisez des points et bénéficiez d’avantages en tant que membre ALL. »

    Visuals of ALL can be found in the photo library:

    Go to: Default > Thematic Selections > Accor Live Limitless

    After creating an account, over 150 photos are available.

    Before December 3rd, if you need assistance to modify any hotel content, please contact:

    South and East Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA

    North Europe