How to?

Last update: 2nd February 2017
  1. Modify the categories in the main navigation?

    In the “Hotel Options” section, select “Menu manager”:


    In this section, you can choose to display or not some categories by checking or not the associated checkboxes.

    You can also modify the position by dragging/dropping the category with the related arrow icons.

    Don’t forgot to save your changes.

  2. Change the position of items in a sub navigation?

    To modify the position of a child in the sub navigation, you must edit the related page.

    Then, go to the “Page Attributes” section:


    Edit the “Order” value. The position of children depends of the number entered in the field.

    The item with 1 will be before the item with 2, and this one will be before the item 3…

  3. Modify the images in the slideshow on the main page?

    To modify the images in the slideshow, edit the main page in the CMS and go at the “File Gallery” section:


    You can delete an image by clicking on the stop when your mouse hovers the thumbnail.

    To add a new image, just drag & drop the image in the section.

  4. Modify highlighted items on the main page?

    In the “Hotel Options” section, select “Hotel basics” and scroll down to the “Pages highlighted” line:


    Click on the field and select the page you want highlighted.

    You must select only 3 pages. To delete a page, click on the related crossed.

  5. See all the pages in another language?

    In the CMS, to see all the pages in another language, select the language you want in the language dropdown menu:


    The page will reload with all the pages in the selected language.

  6. Associate a category of the photogallery to specific pages

    On each page there is a “View all photos” link, which opens the photogallery as a pop-in.

    You can link a specific page to its corresponding category on the photogallery.

    Edit the page in the default language and associate the needed category by selecting it from the dedicated field at the bottom of the right column.


  7. SEO tag management

    Please note that the SEO has been already optimized for Search Engine bots. You should be extra careful with your changes as it could have a major impact on the SEO performance of your site.

    You can still modify the meta tags and title on each pages on the Snippet Editor (located near the bottom of the page editor).


    After a modification, please flush your browser cache to see your changes.

    If the SEO editor is not present on the CMS – please contact your Account manager.