Last update: 10th February 2020
  1. Optimise your website pages

    Please note that the template are already optimised for Search Engine bots.

    If you chose not to add any SEO Title or Meta description the plugin will generate one automatically. However we encourage you to personalise these two fields with optimised web content on each page which will optimise your website search result on internet.

    1. Click on Edit snippet

    2. Edit SEO title and Meta Descritpion

    After a modification, please flush your browser cache to see your changes.

  2. Enveritas

    EnVeritas Group regularly helps Accor Luxury Brands publish value-added content, designed to reach the desired target audience. To optimise the visibility of hotel microsites, Accor central SEO and marketing teams trust EnVeritas to assist properties in their digital presence optimisation

    What they do:

    Quality content, copywriting, multilingual localisation and user-focused optimisation are our specialities

    Their Strengths:

    Expertise in digital content and optimisation best practices, encompassing all languages across Accor tools
    Long-term collaboration with Accor and a unique knowledge of each brand
    Trusted partner in many strategic brand content projects.
    Regular planning and collaboration with global and regional marketing teams keep us in tune with the global strategy.
    Ensured consistency in respecting editorial guidelines for each brand and avoiding SEO cannibalisation. In the vast Accor digital environment, this remains an asset no local agency may have, when performing projects for hotels.
    Working closely with the hotel teams, to create immersive, detailed content and ensuring satisfaction, while advising them to fit in the global strategy.


    Want to know more? Please have a look at the catalog for Luxury & Upscale brand properties or for Midscale brand properties